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Name: AILA

Registered since: 27.1.2008
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asian lolitas


Hello master, I am the hot latin-lover Aila and I want you !
I am a happy girl who loves to laugh and who really enjoys the sunny side of life ! I love to have it off real wild all night long !
My great sexual preference is Spanish. And of course you also should know how to please a woman !
I like funloving and humorous guys, but in bed I need a strong hand to lead me, because I am submissive. But the most important thing is, that I can let my hot fantasies run free. I don't have any taboos and if there's something I haven't tried yet, I want to learn it now !
Tongue games are my favorite foreplay, and sometimes I kist won't stop ! There's a hot intimate piercing between my legs and you may search for it with your tongue ! Most of all I love to let my pierced nipples shown up under my shirt and enjoy the wantonly glances !
When it comes to sex, I'm always surching for the thrill and that's why I'm always open for new hot games ! I need a lot of bangs every day and I like to have it off in the public, because I don't know any words like shame or taboo ! A man who wants to please me should be taller than me, dark haired and not to slim.
Do you like to get a hot treatment now ? Than join me LIVE in chat !

asian lolitas

I am open-minded for everything except pain or sickly stuff ! I love bondage games, oil massages and since I am bisexual I also love to have it off with another woman ! My ...
I like to be dominant in bed and dirt talk and golden shower games are my favorites ! But sometimes I want to be the one to hold the reins in bed ! I collect sexy outfits, ...
Just like my mood is I sometimes like to have it off with sensual and romantic men and sometimes I want a wild and hart stud ! You can have soft cuddling sex on the carpet ...
If you can handle a fun-loving girl like me, then I am open-minded for almost everything and my speciality is the blow job ! I want you to go down on your knees and to serve ...