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Name: EVE

Registered since: 25.2.2008
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Hello honey, I am the nymphomaniac babe Eve and I am a fun-loving and spontaneous girl !
I am very submissive and that's why I often visit fetish-parties to let my passions run free there ! I love my toys very much, love oral sex, gangbang and erotic massages.
My hobbies are taking photos, or acting as a photo-model by myself ! And I also like fetish-adventures and dirty phone-sex !
I like to do sports and my favorites are dancing, riding my bike, swimming and bed sports ! But it's also fun to play with my boob-balls and that for I need an intelligent, sex-craving man ! I don't care about the position, but I need to get taken wild and uninhibited !
Believe me, when I start to blow, then even the windmills in the netherlands start turning ! Of course you need to treat me like a godess and you have to obey ! Most of all I like to seduce you with a hot erotic striptease !
If you are such a tasty man then you've already won my heart ! I need a man who really take care of me and who understand my needs. A man should know how to treat a woman and of course I prefer guys who don't just like thin girls.
Come to me and let us reach the climax of pleasure together LIVE in chat !

large group sex

I am very curious and I like to try everything new in bed that makes me sum. I love sperm games and I love to get a lot of it in every hole you want ! my hobbies are reading, ...
I like different kind of men, especially blonde ones ! But you also should be humorous and strong. I get attracted by spontaneous, humorous men and I also want you to be honest.
Believe me, I know how to play the game ! Besides having sex and fun, I love to spend my leisure time with shopping and traveling. Furthermore I love to dance all night long, ...
When I`m really hot and horny, I just can't get enough ! I want to feel your pecker in every hole and I even love fisting games ! A man who wants to please me should be taller ...